All Profits Go to Charity

Cedar Waxwing

All of my profits earned from prints will go to the Wildlife Conservation Network. In today's world, nature needs this money far more than I do.

Please, if you do not need a print, donate instead directly to a wildlife charity, as they will then receive all of the money. The following are a few suggestions.

The Wildlife Conservation Network

World Wildlife Foundation - Australia

International Rhino Foundation

For those who would like to order one of my prints, the following is how the funds will be divided for transparency.

- Roughly 36% of the price goes to printing costs.

- After that, Smugmug takes 15% of the remainder, or roughly 10% of the total.

- Therefore, from the sale I will receive about 54% of the price, and that entire amount will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Network. I am happy to provide receipts of the donations to those who request them.

A few notes to charities:

If you desire the use of any of my photos, please contact me at I do not charge for any non-profit photo usage, nor do I charge for any on-site photography - though I do not photograph people.

Also, I am searching for a charity to whom to hand over my portfolio, so payments may go directly to the charitable cause instead of me collecting the funds, then donating them. If you have global reach and would be interested in this, please contact me.

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