The Pledge

Mother's Watch

1. to donate ___% of the profits from my print sales to the ___ charity. In my case this is 100% and to the Wildlife Conservation Network.

2. to respect the minimum distance from wildlife mandated by parks and laws.

3. to not bait any raptors or apex predators for photos, nor to allow a tour operator to do so on my behalf

4. to not bait any wildlife except in parks where it is actively encouraged (such as Reifel Bird Sanctuary) or already a part of the ecosystem (garden birds)

5. to publicly disclose with the photo any methods used to attract any wildlife and whether the subject is captive

6. to pay attention to the behaviors of my subjects and retreat if given signs they feel threatened

7. to never deliberately alter the behavior of an animal for the purposes of a photo (for example approaching birds so they fly away)

8. to keep a respectful distance from all nests and young, and never touch or alter them

9. to respect private property and only photograph from public areas or with the property owners' permission

10. to never photograph at game farms

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